Zombocalypse 2

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About Zombocalypse 2

Zombocalypse 2 is a zombie shooting game in runblocked games. In Zombocalypse 2, your character is a soldier, and you will defeat all zombies to survive. In this game, you can get some achievements by performing some actions such as getting a 200 kill combo, reaching ascension rank, getting every perk to elite… 

How To Play Zombocalypse 2

The game controls are A, D, P, S, W, space bar and Arrow keys. You can use the A, D keys or Left, Right Arrows in order to move your soldier left and right. If you want to pick up crates, you can use the S key or Down Arrow. Also, you can hold one of these two keys to drop a weapon. In order to use a weapon, you can use the space bar whereas you can use the P key for pausing the game. Finally, the Up Arrow or W key is for using kill combos.

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