Zombie Warrior Man

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About Zombie Warrior Man

Zombie Warrior Man is an unusual zombie game. Unlike other zombie games, you will control a zombie man, and you will try to not kill zombie but kill normal people in Zombie Warrior Man. According to its story, you are a zombie man who kept captive in a hospital, and many experiments are performed on you. This means that you really need to escape from this hospital before you die!

How To Play Zombie Warrior Man

The game controls are the Down Arrow, Up Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow and space bar. The Left and Right Arrows allow you to move your zombie man character to backward and forward. Besides that, the space bar allows you to use your weapons. In this game, you may have two types of weapons that are edged weapons and firearms. Do not worry, you can use two types of weapons with the space bar. Finally, if you want to hide behind something, you should use the Down Arrow whereas you should press the Up Arrow to shoot your enemies. 

Hints For Zombie Warrior Man

  • When you are in a shootout, you should use the Up and Down Arrow for standing and ducking. It is really important to use these keys at the right time in order to survive. Although your character a zombie warrior, his live is limited. Do not forget if your character was shot 5 times, he will die and you will lose the game. This means that you should be master about hiding the bullets to stay alive.
  • While you use an edged weapon, you should hold the space bar in order to cut through bigger hospital stuffs such as some machines, stretchers and wheel chairs. 
  • You should focus on your mission. Remember, your mission is to get rid of all hospital people and escape from the hospital where zombie man does not much like.