Whack Your Boss

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About Whack Your Boss

Here is a chance to torture your boss! The only thing that you need to get rid of inner anger and frustration about your work is to play Whack Your Boss! In this torturing game, there are many ways to take your revenge on your boss. Therefore, your mission in Whack Your Boss is to find these torturing ways. And you should experience all possible endings of your boss. 

How To Play Whack Your Boss

In this game, there are 20 ways to torture your boss. Some of these ways are following:

  • hitting your boss with garbage can
  • using your ruler as a ninja star
  • beating him with a coffee mug
  • beating him with a golf club

In order to find the 20 torturing ways, you should click everything on the game screen by using the left mouse button. After finding a clickable item, you should see the result of it.