Whack Your Boss Superhero Style

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About Whack Your Boss Superhero Style

Whack Your Boss Superhero Style is a fun way to torturing your boss. If you want to get your anger and frustration off your mind, you should this entertaining revenge game. In this game, you need to find 13 objects to torture your boss. This means that you can torture your boss in 13 different ways when you find each of these 13 objects that are references to pop culture.  

How To Play Whack Your Boss Superhero Style

Whack Your Boss Superhero Style is all about clicking everywhere on the game screen to interact with the objects and find the 13 mentioned objects in order to torture your boss.

Hints For Whack Your Boss Superhero Style

If you have trouble with finding the 13 objects, you should take a look at the list of them. Here is the list of these objects:

  • You can take out a small light by using the pouch on your table.
  • There is the spark cube in your office. By using this, you can let your office tools transform into robots. 
  • By using the headband in your easel, you can have the clone jutsu ability.
  • There are the claws of Wolverine on your shelf. By using them, you can break your boss into small pieces.
  • By using the mask, you can have Sub-Zero’s ice ball attack.
  • On your shelf, there is the goggles of Cyclops.
  • In your office, there is the cape of Superman. By using this cape, you can take your boss into the space.
  • By clicking the lightsaber on your shelf, you can use the force. 
  • You can call Godzilla by using the flute.
  • By clicking the Kamehameha, you can turn into Super Sajyan.
  • There are the gloves of Hulk in your office.
  • You can use the hammer of Thor.
  • By using the glove of Spiderman, you can have the web ability.

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