Whack Your Boss 2

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About Whack Your Boss 2

If you had fun with the last boss fight, here is a good news for you, Whack Your Boss 2! In this new installment, your mission is same with the older one. The only thing that you should do is to take your revenge on your boss by finding some clickable torturing items. In this installment, there are 10 items to torture your boss. You should find all of them to finish the game. 

You should manage your anger and take it out in this game. Unlike the first installment, there are some magical creatures to help you destroy your boss in the second installment.   

How To Play Whack Your Boss 2

In Whack Your Boss 2, you can use your mouse as the game controls. In order to find the torturing 10 objects, you should click on all items in the game screen. This means that generally you will use the left mouse button in this torturing game.

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