Uphill Rush

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About Uphill Rush

Uphill Rush is a racing games with unique graphics, game controls, types of races and vehicles in runblocked games. This racing game contains 10 challenging levels. You can play each level by selecting one of 3 difficulty levels that are hard, normal and easy. 

In Uphill Rush, you have a chance to drive 5 different vehicles. These 5 vehicles are quad, motor bike, monster truck, skateboard and a surprise special car. Besides that, you can have 2 types of races that are classical race and timed race. 

How To Play Uphill Rush

The game controls are the Z, M, P, space bar and Arrow keys. The Up Arrow lets you accelerate and move your vehicle forward whereas the Down Arrow allows you to decelerate and move it backward. Besides that, the Left Arrow is for leaning backward, and the Right Arrow is for leaning forward. If you want to jump, you can use the space bar. Also, you can press the Z key to use turbo power, and you can use the M key to open or close the game mini map. Finally, as you can guess the P key is for pausing this racing game.