TU-46 Unblocked

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About TU-46 Unblocked

TU-46 is a 1970s airline simulator in runblocked games. It is a sequel to the game TU 95. In TU-46, you will try to control a brand new passenger aircraft, and you should create an image for your airline along other competitors. Besides that, you need to deliver passengers around 6 countries when you start the game.  

How To Play TU-46

The game controls are the Arrow keys, I, G, F, space bar, E, Z, M and P keys. As the movement controls are the Arrow keys, the P key is pause key, and the M key is mute mode key. Besides that the space bar lets you turn around whereas the I key is for starting the engine. If you want to toggle gear, you can use the G key. Moreover, you can change flaps by pressing the F key. In order to use extinguishers, you can press the E key, and you can use the Z key for long flights.

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