The Last Stand 2

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About The Last Stand 2

The Last Stand 2 is a mindless zombie shooting game in runblocked games. This game is very similar with Dead Zed. Like Dead Zed, your mission is to survive for 40 days in the zombie attack. 

How To Play The Last Stand 2

The game controls are the Esc, R, space bar, W, D, S, A keys and your mouse in The Last Stand 2. You can use your mouse to control your weapon whereas you can use the W, D, S, A keys as the movement controls. As the W and S keys are for up and down movements, the A and D keys are for left and right movements. Besides that, you can press the R key in order to reload your weapon, and you can press the Esc key in order to open the game menu or pause the game for a while. Finally, the space bar lets you switch your weapons.