Tank Trouble 2

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About Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 is a tank battle game with 3 different playing options that are 3 players, 2 players and 1 player modes. In this tank battle, your mission is to destroy all other opponents by controlling your tank. 

After starting Tank Trouble 2, your tank and your opponents’ tanks will be placed in a difficult maze. You may have trouble with your tank in this maze. However, you should not give up, you can achieve to figure out this. 

How To Play Tank Trouble 2

The game controls for the first player are the M, space bar and Arrow keys whereas for the second player, the game controls are the Q, E, F, D and S keys. Moreover, the third player should the mouse as the game controls. Players can move their tanks by moving the mouse or pressing the Arrow keys or the E, F, D, S keys. In order to shoot other tanks, player should use the M, space bar, Q and left mouse button.

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