Takepoint io

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About Takepoint io

Takepoint io is one of io games. Like most of other io games, this game is also a zone game. While playing it, you will try to claim your opponents’ areas and improve your area. If you like to play shooting games, we can suggest this game to you. This is really good way to make use of your spare time. In the game, you will control a character, and you will try to eliminate your online opponents claim their areas in order to gain score.

In this game, all players have guns, so this means that you may get hurt. When your health drops, you should hang out in your base for a while to make it full again. Whereas you can play a leader, you can also follow your team by staying at the back. If you stay at the back of your team, you will receive less damage, but you will also get less experience.

Features Of Takepoint io

Takepoint io has some appealing features. The list of these appealing features is following:

  • The game has good reload animation.
  • During the game, you will have upgradable characters.
  • You will have 2D team deathmatch gameplay.
  • The game is based on the battle theme. In order words, there is a battle between some teams in the game. These teams are blue, green and red teams.
  • You will have brand new perk and weapons in the game.

How To Play Takepoint io

The game controls are the Arrow keys, space bar, left mouse button, Enter, R, W, D, S and A keys. For the movement controls, you should use either the Arrow keys or W, D, S and A keys. If you want to shoot your opponents, you should use the left mouse button. Moreover, the R key let you reload your gun whereas the space bar let you use perk. Finaly, the Enter key should be used for chatting.

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