Super Transformation

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About Super Transformation

Super Transformation is an action game based on Power Rangers in runblocked games. We guess you know Power Rangers that is a group of extraordinary teens. In Super Transformation, you will control these teens with superpower, and your mission is to defeat monsters from outer space. There are 5 different colored Rangers in this action game. These are red, pink, green, blue and yellow Rangers. The name of red ranger is Jayden, the name of pink ranger is Mia, the name of green ranger is Mike, the name of blue ranger is Kevin and the name of yellow ranger is Emily. 

How To Play Super Transformation

The game controls are the Up Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, space bar and Z keys. As you can move your ranger backward and forward by pressing the Left Arrow and Right Arrow, you can make your ranger jump by using the Up Arrow. Besides that, you can activate the special skill of each ranger by using the space bar. If you want to switch your rangers, you should press one of Arrow keys while holding the Z key.