Sports Heads Soccer

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About Sports Heads Soccer

Sports Heads Soccer is one of football games in runblocked games. The game give you an opportunity to pick your favorite premier league team. Then, your mission in Sports Heads Soccer is to lead your team to glory by scoring the mouse goals. 

In this football game, there will be many power-ups. Getting these power-ups is very important because they may increase your chance of victory. In order to get a power-up, you should either move your player into it or kick the ball over it. 

How To Play Sports Heads Soccer

For the first player, the game controls are the space bar and Arrow keys whereas for the second player, the game controls are the P, A, W and D keys. Players can use the W and Up Arrow keys to make their characters jump or head the ball whereas they can use the A, D and Left, Right Arrow keys to move their characters left and right. Finally, the space bar and P key allow players to make their character kick the ball.