Shooters io

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About Shooters io

Shooters io is an online hit io game . First of all, this epic game was released for iOS and Android. Now, it is available on web! You will join millions of people while playing the game because this is a very popular online game all over the world. In this epic multiplayer fighting game, you will control a triangular space ship, and you will try to grow your fleet by defeating other space ships.

How To Play Shooters io

As we mentioned earlier, you will defeat other space ships in order to grow your fleet. In order to defeat them, you should shoot them by controlling your space ship with the mouse. Clicking the left mouse button or pressing the space bar can allow you to shoot these space ships. Besides that, you can put auto shoot on in order to concentrate totally on moving in the game. As you can see there are some options such as using auto shoot and auto grow.

After you shoot the space ships, you will overtake them for growing your fleet. This means that when you destroy a ship, you will gain an additional space ship in your fleet. If you prefer manual grow instead of auto grow, you should use the W key. Also, you should keep in mind that your mission is to build the biggest fleet in order to dominate the space, and concentrate that mission.   

Hints and Tips About Shooters io

Shooters io, one of unblocked games, is based on moving around the space with your space ship and shoot as many space ships as you can in order to overtake them.

You should try to move very fast and keep dodging the enemy fire.

In order to get more points, you should chase top scorers and destroy his or her fleets.

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