Rooftop Snipers

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About Rooftop Snipers

Rooftop Snipers is an interesting two button and two player shooting game. While the game has simple graphics, it has really hard gameplay. When you start to play it, you will experience how hard it is. You can play this game against either computer or one of your friends. This means that there are two playing options in the game, and these options are one player and two players modes.

How To Play Rooftop Snipers

When you start the Rooftop Snipers, one of unblocked games, you and your opponent will be on the roof of a building, and both of you have a gun. This means that it is the time to fight a duel. You need to be quick to shoot your opponent and make him or her fall down. Do not forget, you cannot move forward and backward, you can just jump and shoot. The challenging and interesting thing about the game is that you cannot aim your opponent. You will have a gun in the hand of your character, and this gun will move in a natural way, so you need to keep the exact moment to shoot.

If you achieve to hit your opponent, good for you, but the game is not ever yet. You should keep going shooting until your opponent falls from the roof. Also, you should not give up after you are shot until you fall from the roof.

When you select one player mode, you will play the against the computer, and the game controls are the W and E keys. You should use the W key in order to make your character jump. Also, you should use the E key in order to shoot your opponent. If you want to arrange the angle of your shoot, you should hold the E key. Then, you should release it to fire your gun.

On the other hand, if you select the two players mode, you will play the game against your friend or family. The game controls for the first player is similar with the one player mode whereas the game controls for the second player are the I and O keys. The second player should use the I key to jump. Besides that, the second player should press the O key to shoot. Holding the O key let the second player arrange the angle of his or her shoot while releasing it result in firing the gun.

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