Rogue Soul 2

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About Rogue Soul 2

If you play the Rogue Soul and you wonder how the second installment of this game, here is good news for you! Now, Rogue Soul 2 is in runblocked games. Your mission in the second installment is similar with the one in the first installment, and it is to bash your enemies and steal the loots of your enemies while your character is running. Through the path of your character, there will be lots of obstacles. In order to avoid these obstacles, you should slide down or jump.   

How To Play Rogue Soul 2

The game controls are the Z, X and Arrow keys or the J, K, S, A, W and D keys. As you can move your character right by pressing the Right Arrow, you can move your character left by pressing the Left Arrow. Besides that, you can use the D key for the function of Right Arrow whereas you can use the A key for the function of Left Arrow. Moreover, you can use either the W key or Up Arrow for making your character jump. If you want to drop down, you should use the Down Arrow. The S key also let you do that. For sliding down, you can use either the Z key or J key whereas you can use either the X key or the K key for throwing. 

Shop Section

The Rogue Soul 2’s shop section contains 3 main groups. These groups are upgrades, moves and black market. 


There are 9 items in the upgrades group. These 9 items are armor, agility, dodge, dexterity, ammunition, piercing, prospect, luck and gliding. 


There are 5 moves in this group. These 5 moves are stab, back flip, headbutts, drop kick and up slash. 

Black Market

There are 6 items in the black market group. These 6 items are springs boots, skullpet amulet, broken soulon, cursed gauntlet, statues and arena.