Rogue Buddies

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About Rogue Buddies

Rogue Buddies is a side scrolling action games in runblocked games. In this action game, there are 4 mercenaries. These are Smoke, Duster, Maximus and Alpha Tech. Each of them has special skills. These mercenaries had a quest to protect a camp near gold mine according to the story of game. When their boss heard them while talking about keeping the gold for themselves, their boss kidnapped them. Therefore, your mission in Rogue Buddies is to rescue them.

How To Play Rogue Buddies

The game controls are the V, X, Z, C and Arrow keys. You can move your character by using the Arrow keys. While the Z key lets you use the first weapon, the X key allows you to use the second one. Besides that, you can use the C key for action, and you can use the V key to change your character.