Pixel Warfare 5

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About Pixel Warfare 5

Pixel Warfare 5 that is the fifth installment of amazing Pixel Warfare game series is now in runblocked games. This game is best know with being a milestone in many aspects. One and most important one of these aspects is the fact that you have a chance to build and change the game personally. In order to do that, you should use the build-in map editor. This means that you can have all game maps and their creations. Is not it really cool? You can play the game in your own way. 

When you create an account, you can save your game maps, and then you can build and improve these maps. If you do not want to build a game map, you can play the current ones. This means that in this game, while you can start a game, you can join the rooms of other players. When you like a map of any other player, you should click the “Download Map” button in order to add this map in your game maps list. Then, you can use the map for creating new rooms. 

How To Play Pixel Warfare 5

While playing Pixel Warfare 5, you should use the X, E, R, G, Q, Tab, W, D, S, A and number keys to control your character. In this game like all other games, the movement controls are the W, D, S and A keys. Besides that, in order to control weapons, you should use your mouse. By moving the mouse, you can aim your target and you can shoot the target by using the left mouse button. 

Because your ammo is limited, you need to reload your gun at some point. In order to reload it, you should press the R key. When you have more than one weapon, you need to switch them sometimes. In order to switch your weapons, you should use either the E and Q keys or the number keys. Also, you should use the X key to commit suicide whereas you should use the G key to turn into a zombie. Finally, you should use the Tab key in order to open the game menu.  

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