Moto X3M 2

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About Moto X3M 2

Moto X3M 2 is the second installment of a cool racing game. This racing game is really challenging with its unique traps and obstacles. As you can guess, you will control a motor bike in this game. Besides that, your mission is to reach the finish line first. Keep in mind that you should avoid getting injured because injuries lead to the death and so losing the game. 

How To Play Moto X3M 2

The game controls are the W, D, S, A keys or Arrow keys in Moto X3M 2. While, you can use either the Up Arrow or the W key for acceleration, you can use either the Down Arrow or the S key for deceleration. Moreover, you can tilt the left by pressing one of the A key or Left Arrow key whereas you can tilt the right by pressing the D key or Right Arrow key.