Moomoo io

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About Moomoo io

Moomoo io is an io game based on collecting resources and building a village. In this game, first of all, you should collect resources by hitting trees and rocks. After that, you should build walls and windmills by using these resources. Especially, you should walls to protect your windmills and resources. 

How To Play Moomoo io

In Moomoo io, you can use the space bar, E, R, C, Q, X, Esc, W, S, A, D, Enter and 1 to 9 number keys. While you can use the E key for auto attack, you can use the W, S, A and D keys for controlling the movements of your character. The space bar is for gathering and attacking, and the 1 to 9 number keys are for selecting an item.

Moreover, you can use the Q key for quick selecting food, and you can use the X key for locking rotation. The R key allows you to ping minimal, and the C key lets you add map marker. You can use the Enter key to chat with other players. Finally, the E key is for closing the windows.