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About Jacksmith

Jacksmith is a great adventure games in runblocked games. In this adventure game, you will control a craftiest donkey called as Jack. This donkey needs to rescue the King’s daughter, Liliana, and then take the reward that the King promised. Liliana was kidnapped by a wizard. Your mission in Jacksmith is to help Jack to create his own forces and weapons for his soldiers. 

How To Play Jacksmith

You need to click the left mouse button while you are crafting best weapons and manning your forces. Besides that, you should definitely follow the in-game instructions to be good at crafting and manning. 

Before starting crafting weapons such as swords, bows and shields, you should take the orders of village people. After that, you should craft the weapons depending on their orders. In order to create a weapon, first of all, you will smelt the metal. Then, you will hammer the metal and place a hilt. When you finish crafting, you will fight against the army of wizard by managing your forces. While fighting, you need to collect resources like ores and loots for crafting. 

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