Iron Snout

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About Iron Snout

Iron Snout is an unusual and entertaining fighting game that was presented by runblocked games. Your game character is a cute piggy. According to the story of this piggy, everybody has behaved badly to him for a long time. This everybody includes all types of rats in the town, old lady rats, child rats, Miley Cyrus rats, Police rats and etc. At some point, the piggy was tried of being bullied by all of these rats and he decided to beat all of them. It seems that his anger will help him to do that. Also, he built up his courage after he had a beat-up for the last time. He seems ready but your help is needed. You should help him to beat all bully rats. 

You can play this game in 2 different game environments that are forest and city. Moreover, you can play it by choosing one from 2 different playing options. These playing options are 1HP mode and classic mode. If you choose the 1HP mode, you will play the game with only 1 HP. This means that when you are hit only one time, you will lose the game. Thus, this mode is real challenge. On the other hand, if you choose classic mode, you will play the game with many HPs. Aside from classic and 1HP modes, in the some version of this game, there is also 1vs1 wolfieball mode.   

How To Play Iron Snout Unblocked

After you start Iron Snout, you will be placed at the center of game environment (forest or city). In this game, you are not able to move your character, you are able to just punch and kick coming rats. In order to punch and kick left side, you should use the Left Arrow whereas you should use the Right Arrow to punch and kick right side. Also, you can punch and kick up and down by using the Up Arrow and Down Arrow. 

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