Hungry are the Dead

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About Hungry are the Dead

Hungry Are The Dead is another zombie defence game in runblocked games. You will control a cop character in the game and you will try to protect an abandoned bard from crazy zombies. During the game, there will be many waves and waves of incoming zombies. You should try to hold on by them in the barn. As you progress throughout the levels, you will be able to purchase upgrades by using the cash you earn after killing zombies. You should keep in mind that the more zombie you kill, the more money you get.

How To Play Hungry Are The Dead

The game controls are the space bar and the left mouse button. In order to use your gun, you should first load it by taking a bullet. In order to load your gun, you should click the bullets on in front of your. After loading your gun, you are ready to shoot the zombies. For aiming one of them, you should move your mouse up and down, then you should click the left mouse button to fire your gun. Furthermore, you can throw a grenade by using the space bar and left mouse button. Before throwing it, you should aim your target by holding the space bar, then you can throw it by clicking the left mouse button. 

Upgrades Of Hungry Are The Dead

There are 2 main upgrade groups in Hungry Are The Dead. These 2 main upgrade groups are defensive upgrade group and firepower upgrade group. In the defensive upgrade group, you can purchase or upgrade iron gates, mines, wooden boards, barbwire and sandbags. Moreover, you can increase clip power, clip size, grenade stock and grenade power in the firepower upgrades. 

Defensive Items

  • Wooden board’s price is 50.
  • Iron gate’s price is 100.
  • Sandbag’s price is 150. 
  • Mine’s price is 200.
  • Barbwire’s price is 300.

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