Happy Glass

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About Happy Glass

Happy Glass is an entertaining arcade game in runblocked games. Each level of this game contains a sad empty glass. After the sad empty glass fills with water, this glass will become happy glass, so your mission is to make the glass happy in each level. Sometimes, you should guide the water to the glass in order to accomplish that mission. You can guide it by using your drawing skills.

After starting the Happy Glass, one of unblocked games, you will see that there is a sink somewhere up high. At that point, you should draw a path for the water that will come from the sink to flow along to fill the glass with it. After you do your move, the water will start to flow. Lucky you, in each level there will be more than enough water to fill the glass. This means that you may spill a little of the water outside of the glass. However, if you spill too much water, you will lose the game, and you will need to replay the level.

Features Of Happy Glass

  • This unblocked game has 100 challenging levels to be completed.
  • In the game, you will have a chance to experience dynamic mechanism to draw freely.
  • It is a really fun puzzle game with a flow creation and well animated gameplay.
  • This puzzle game is available for all platforms and devices. This means that you can play it anywhere.
  • You will also have a chance to show your drawing skills and master them in the game.

How To Play Happy Glass

In the game, as you can see you will not control a character, actually you will control a pencil. In order to control this pencil, you need to use your mouse. You can draw a line by clicking the left mouse button and holding it through the line you want to draw.