Getaway Shootout

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About Getaway Shootout

Getaway Shootout is a chaotic race game in runblocked games. This game is really similar with the Rooftop Snipers. Their graphics and gameplay are actually same with each other. Also, they have the same difficulty level. This means that this is also a hard game. Before you start the game, you should choose a character. Then, you will control this character to reach the helicopter first.

Playing Modes Of Getaway Shootout

When you select your character, Getaway Shootout will require you to select a playing mode. You should choose one of 2 playing options that are two players mode and one player mode. This means that you can race against either the computer or one of your friends. Depending which playing mode you choose, the game controls will differ.

How To Play Getaway Shootout

If you select the one player mode of the game, you should use the W, E and R keys to control your character. The only way to move forward and backward is to jump right and left. In order to jump right, you should press the E key whereas you should use the W key in order to jump left. If you want to use the power-ups that you collect during the game, you should use the R key.

If you select the two players mode of the game, the first player should use the W, E and R keys to controls his or her character whereas the second player should use the I, O and P keys to control his or her character. The second player can move his or her character to right by pressing the O key. Also, he or she move his or her character to left by using the I key. Finally, If the second player wants to use power-ups, you should press the P key.