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About G-Switch

G-Switch is an entertaining platform game in runblocked games. This amazing platform game lets you be a gravity master. In G-Switch, you will control a runner who has special shoes. By using these shoes, you can change the direction of gravity. By using this special ability, you will try to run away your pursuers.  

How To Play G-Switch

The game offers a lot of playing options. Depending these options, the game controls differ. You need to know that the players can only control the direction of gravity. This means that they cannot move their runners forward, backward or make them jump. For flipping the direction of gravity, the X, M, Right Arrow, A, Ctrl and 3 keys can be used. The X key is for first player, the M key is for second player, the Right Arrow is for third player, the A key is for fourth player, the Ctrl key is for fifth player, and the 3 key is for sixth player.

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