Flood Runner 4

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About Flood Runner 4

Flood Runner 4 is a popular running game on the web. Now, it is here, runblocked games! In this game, your mission is to not allow your character fall down.

How To Play Flood Runner 4

After you start this running game, your runner character will automatically run. This means that the game has no running controls for you. The game require you to only jump while your character is running. In order to jump, you should either press the Up Arrow or click the left mouse button. Besides that, in order to pause the game, you should press the P key. 

Achievements Of Flood Runner 4 

Flood Runner 4 contains thousands of achievements. Lets check some of them to gain insight about this running game:

  • Dragon Rider: After riding the dragon once, you can gain the “Dragon Rider” achievement.
  • Gun Slinger: After collecting 1 gun, you can gain the “Gun Slinger” achievement.
  • Human Glider: After staying in the sky for a couple seconds, you can gain the “Human Glider” achievement.
  • Impulsive Collector: After collecting 100 gems, you can gain the “Impulsive Collector” achievement. 
  • Maxing Multiplier: After collecting a X20 multiplier, you can gain the “Maxing Multiplier” achievement.
  • Meteor Baster: After defeating a meteor, you can gain the “Meteor Baster” achievement.
  • Panther Rider: After riding on 1 panther, you can gain the “Panther Rider” achievement. 
  • Parkour Jumper: After jumping 100 times, you can gain the “Parkour Jumper” achievement.
  • Pure Tramp: After using 1 trampoline, you can gain the “Pure Tramp” achievement.
  • Scuba Man: After collecting 1 scuba gear, you can gain the “Scuba Man” achievement.
  • Shark Kill: After killing 1 shark, you can gain the “Shark Kill” achievement.
  • Slayer: After defeating 1 giant monster, you can gain the “Slayer” achievement.
  • Superman: After collecting 1 superman, you can gain the “Superman” achievement.
  • Surfer Dude: After collecting 1 surfboard, you can gain the “Surfer Dude” achievement.
  • Space Man: After collecting 1 space helmet, you can gain the “Space Man” achievement.

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