Escape Room

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About Escape Room

Escape Room is an incredible escape game . According to the story of the game, you drank to much last night. This is what you remember lastly, you do not even remember why and where you drank. When you open your eyes, you will find yourself in a weird condition. You are alone in a strange locked room. You should definitely escape this room because it clearly seems this will not end well.

How To Play Escape Room

In order to accomplish your aim to escape from the locked room, you should collect some items. Then, you should use these items to solve some puzzles. You should always keep in mind that there is nobody to save you, you are the only one who has to save yourself in this unpleasant situation. You need to be very fast and get out of there.

During Escape Room, you should click everywhere in the game screen in order to find useful items. In other words, by clicking the everywhere, you can gain favor to discover this strange new environment. This means that in the game, you will generally and mostly use your mouse. As you can see the gameplay is really easy, but we do not promise for the puzzles in it.   

Hint and Tips For Escape Room

  • First of all, you should check under the pillow. You will find a number card and picture there.
  • Then, you should look at under the bed. There are two number cards there.
  • You should check the bottom drawer of nightstand. There are knife and a number card there.
  • When you look at under the nightstand, you will find a piece of paper.
  • There are also two number cards in the trashcan. When you use the knife to raise the bottom lid of trashcan, you will find a key and a number card.
  • You can open the top drawer of nightstand. You will find a number card, a piece of paper and another key.
  • When you open the curtains, you will see a old radio and a number card.
  • After finding these items, you can solve the puzzles now!

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