Earn to Die-2 Exodus

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About Earn to Die-2 Exodus

Earn To Die-2 Exodus is a driving action game in runblocked games. In this driving action game, your mission is to escape a zombie apocalypse by driving over zombies on your path. 

At the beginning of the game, you will buy a vehicle. Then, you will earn money when you drive your car and kill zombies. By using this money, you should make your vehicle stronger. You should purchase some equipments, more armaments and fuel. 

How To Play Earn To Die-2 Exodus

The game controls are the X and Arrow keys in Earn To Die-2 Exodus. In order to accelerate your vehicle, you can press the Up Arrow whereas you can press the Right and Left Arrow keys to tilt. Besides that, you can use the X key for boost.

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