Dead Zed

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About Dead Zed

Zombie games are everywhere! Here is one of them, Dead Zed! This zombie shooting game is based on surviving for 40 days in the middle of zombie attack and starting search parties. 

How To Play Dead Zed

The game controls in Dead Zed are the Esc, F, R, M, 1, 2 keys and mouse. You can control your weapon by using your mouse. To aim a zombie, you can move your mouse, and then to shoot it, you can click the left mouse button. Also, you can switch the fire mode of your weapon by using the F key. Besides that, the 1 and 2 number keys allow you to switch your weapons whereas the M key lets you play the game in mute mode. Moreover, the Esc key is for pausing the game or opening game menu, and the R key is reloading your weapon.

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