Dead Drunk V1.9

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About Dead Drunk V1.9

Dead Drunk V1.9 is an interesting stickman game in runblocked games. In Dead Drunk V1.9, your character is a drunk stickman, and your aim is to help him to go home without getting damaged. This means that you should guide him by avoiding bumps and falls. 

How To Play Dead Drunk V1.9

The game controls are the space bar, Ctrl, Shift, A, W, D, S or Arrow keys. First of all, you can move this drunk guy left and right by using either the Left and Right Arrow keys or the A and D keys. Moreover, if you want to make this guy jump, you can use the space bar. Besides that, the Up Arrow, W, S, Down Arrow, Ctrl and Shift keys allow you to perform some additional movements.

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