Dawn of the Celebs 2

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About Dawn of the Celebs 2

Dawn Of The Celebs 2 is a fast paced action shooting game in runblocked games. Besides that, it is an amazing zombie combat. In this zombie combet, all celebrities turn into zombies, but not Sylvester Stallone! You will see Rambo in front of your door with a new limousine, and the struggle for survival will start at that point. 

In Dawn Of The Celebs 2, your character is a cop, and your mission is to protect the limousine of Rambo by killing all pursuer famous zombies. You will kill them by controlling the machine gun in the back of the limousine. 

How To Play Dawn Of The Celebs 2

The game controls are the R, space bar, Q keys and your mouse. You will perform your aiming and shooting skills by moving your mouse and clicking the left mouse button. Besides that, you can reload the machine gun by pressing the R key when the ammo is out of limit. Moreover, you can press the Q key to change the graphics quality whereas you can use the space bar to strike zombies when they jumps on you.

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