Crazy Shooters

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About Crazy Shooters

Crazy Shooters is a full of adventure shooting game with unique 3D graphics and interesting gameplay in runblocked games. This shooting game was developed and released by FreezeNova. As you can guess, in the game you will control a soldier, and you will do that with the first person perspective. This perspective make the game more realistic. Your task in the game is to kill as many enemies as possible, and be the winner of all the battles.

Because it is an online game, you can battle against the players from all over the world. You can start the game by either joining other players’ rooms or creating your own room. In the create room section, you can type room name, choose one from the max players options that are up to 16 players and one from the game modes that are team and FFA modes. The game presents 4 different game environments. These are Towers, Factory, Gasplant and Arena.

How To Play Crazy Shooters

When you start Crazy Shooters, you will start the game with 100 HP. When someone shoots you, your HP will drop. If your HP drops toe zero, you will die and lose the game. Thus, you should move skillful and defeat as many enemies as possible to survive.

The game controls are the space bar, Shift, T, R, D, S, A, W, 1 to 9 number keys and Arrow keys. While the space bar let you jump, the R key let you reload your weapon. The D, S, A, W keys or Arrow keys are the classical movement controls. You can run by using the Shift key whereas you can chat by using the T key. The 1 to 9 number keys should be used for switching weapons. Besides those, you can aim and shoot by moving your mouse and using the left mouse button.