Crazy Flasher 3

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About Crazy Flasher 3

Here is the third installment of Crazy Flasher game series, Crazy Flasher 3! This is one of action games in runblocked games. In this game, you will control Andy Law who is the most formidable fighter, and you will try to clear the streets from any thugs and destroy the leaders of all gangs with Andy. In order to accomplish this mission, you should stroll along the streets, earn money and respect by defeating thugs during this dynamic fighting game. Also, you should purchase new weapons and upgrade current ones in order to become stronger fighter.  

How To Play Crazy Flasher 3

Before anything else, you should check the keyboard control instructions of the game by clicking the “How To Play” button on the game menu. After you click the button, you will see 8 important keys that are the B, M, N, W, D, S, A keys and space bar. You should use the W, D, S and A keys as the classic movement controls. Therefore, you should use the W and S keys to move Andy up and down whereas you should use the A and D keys to move Andy left and right. To make Andy run, you should press one of them twice.

Moreover, you should use the B key in order to attack while you should use the N key in order to jump. If you want to perform special attack, you should use the M key. These keys we mentioned are the default keyboard controls, but you can also change their functions and set up the keyboard controls as you wish. You can do that by clicking the “Option” button on the game menu. 

Go Shopping Section

In the menu of Crazy Flasher 3, there is a Go Shopping section. In this section, you can purchase bombs, swords and guns. Besides that, you can set 4 different kinds of weapons in the same section. After setting your weapons, you should click the “OK” button in order to start the game.