Box Head More Rooms

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About Box Head More Rooms

Box Head More Room is a zombie shooting game in runblocked games. In this zombie game, your mission is to get the highest point by defeating as many demons and zombies as possible. As we need to talk about your character, he is a old soldier whose name is Bambo. In the game, his soldier skills such as desert recon, urban fighting and jungle warfare will be very helpful.

How To Play Box Head More Rooms

The game controls are space bar, Arrow keys and 1 to 9 number keys in Box Head More Rooms. In order to move your soldier character, you can use the Down, Right, Left and Up Arrow keys. Moreover, if you want to shoot your enemies, you can use the space bar. As you progress throughout the levels, you will have more than one weapon. At that point, if you want to choose one from many weapons, you can use the 1 to 9 number keys.

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