Air Wars 2

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About Air Wars 2

Air Wars 2 is a breathtaking multiplayer war game in runblocked games. According to the story of this multiplayer game, a war started several months ago, and both enemies have tried to find a way to destroy each other. Although all battles have been very close so far, there have been no winner or loser yet. This seems this conflict will take some time, but there is a way to finish this war. Heading air forces that involves the most advanced military air fighters helps you to win this war. In this war, you will control your very own jet plane, and you will try to sink the aircraft carrier, destroy air forces of the enemy and take over the base of the enemy. 

Features Of Air Wars 2

  • It is a fabulous multiplayer airplane war game with a task that is taking the flag of your enemy.
  • This amazing war game has realistic 3D graphics, detailed maps and intense air fights which make the game more appealing. 
  • In this amazing airplane war game, you will have easy airplane controls. This means that the gameplay will satisfy you. 
  • There is a day and night system in this war game.
  • As you level up, you will have more aircrafts and have more fun.
  • You will have an opportunity to upgrade your aircraft by using earned cash. 

How To Play Air Wars 2

While playing Air Wars 2, you should use the Arrow keys, W, D, A, S, C keys and left mouse button. In order to make your jet plane fly, you should use wither the W, D, A and S keys or Arrow keys. If you want to shoot air forces of the enemy, you should press the left mouse button. Moreover, if you want to enter cockpit, you should press the C key.