Afterlife The Game

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About Afterlife The Game

Afterlife The Game is one of interesting arcade games in runblocked games. Thanks to its unique game graphics, this arcade game is suitable for all ages. Another advantage of the game is it can be played on your browser because it is a flash game. According to its story, you have progressed through life, and you eventually passed on. However, you are stuck in the afterlife as a traveler ghost. Therefore, you will have a great afterlife experience when you play the game.  

In Afterlife The Game, you will have many different missions, and each of these is a challenge for you. You will try to complete all of these challenges by controlling a ghost. If you cannot achieve to complete challenges, you will face with terrible scenes. After you complete all of the challenges, you will be done with the life and you will be ready for the heaven.

Features Of Afterlife The Game

Here are the game features that make it popular:

  • The game contains many hilarious and fun mini games.
  • There are a bunch of levels in this interesting arcade game.
  • It has really cool animations and graphics.
  • You will have entertaining messages when you failed any level of it .

How To Play Afterlife The Game

The first challenge is to control the ghost flying through the road by avoiding the strange objects. You can make the ghost fly up a little with your each mouse click. When you reach the end of this road, you will start the new adventure. In the next adventure, you should protect your wife from danger. In order to achieve this, you should drag the ghost with your mouse. You should drag it to block the ninjas, knives, porcupines, darts and etc. Next, you will take revenge on your boss, you will help your son about playing a video game…

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